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Our Experts


Muhammad Salman Butt – Executive Director

Working as consultant, trainer, auditor, researcher and project coordinator / manager since 2004 on issues pertaining to sustainability management in industry; special expertise in resource efficiency (water, energy, chemicals, wastewater, waste management, Lean manufacturing, Safety & health), business planning and project coordination; well-versed in development, implementation and moderation of academic and non-academic competence development programmes for industry and service providers; moderator and speaker at several high-level events and conferences.

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Muhammad Bilal Butt- Manager Energy Projects

Working as project manager, consultant and auditor with experience in electrical testing, power plant management, procurement management, energy auditing, power plant erection, energy profile development, assessment and project management. Dynamic and resourceful team player with abilities in organizing and developing trainings. Adept at executing best practices for ensuring system consistency, efficiency and accuracy.

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Arjmand Qayyum Amjad – Sustainability Expert

Working as Long Term Expert on behalf of Espire Consult for GIZ FABRIC Asia project in “Promoting Sustainability in Textile and Garment Industry in Asia”; Arjmand is a senior environmental practitioner having degree in Chemical Engineering. Since 2005, he in managing and coordinating projects for development cooperation in Pakistan. In the period he has been engaged in the field of environmental management in textile sector of Pakistan. His main focus remained either to eliminate the adverse impacts of textile supply chain on environment or minimize footprint through mitigations and remedial measures. He worked in close collaboration with EU, ILO, IFC, GIZ, EKN to improve the environmental conditions in textile supply chain. He had been part of most of the switch asia projects in Pakistan. He has conducted Environmental Audits of more than 100 textile enterprises wherein Environmental Management Plans (EMP) for more than 50 enterprises was prepared. He is a Certified trainer on chemical management, energy management and environmental management. He has also implemented these management systems on ground within the textile mills. Recently in March 2020 he has conducted a session on Chemical Management for the ILO SCORE Trainers.

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